Risk Management Guidelines (ISO 31000)

What is ISO 31000?

ISO 31000 provides principles, a framework and a process for managing risk. ISO 31000 can help organizations to increase the likelihood of achieving objectives, improving the identification of opportunities and threats and effectively allocating and using resources for risk treatment.

ISO 31000 cannot be used for certification purposes because these are Risk Management Guidelines and not a standard.

Who should implement ISO 31000?

It can be used by any organization regardless of its size, activity or sector. Moreover, this document can be applied to any activity including decision-making at all levels.

What are the key benefits of ISO 13485 Certification?
  • Enhances corporate image, credibility and competitiveness to get more business.
  • Helps to meet the customers and other interested parties requirements.
  • Improves efficiency, effectiveness and capabilities of an organization to manage risk.
  • Engages and motivates staff by implementing best risk management practices.
  • Helps to define the roles, responsibilities, authorities and accountability for risk.
  • Provides a framework of consistent, prioritized and auditable risk management.
  • Supports continual improvement and business growth.
  • Strengthens operational controls, including mandatory and voluntary reporting.
  • Improves business performance, crisis management and organizational resilience.