The objective of supplier auditing is to reduce and manage the risk of supply chain disruption. Supplier audits are frequently seen as an inconvenience. This may require sparing key employees from their core duties to visit suppliers, perform audits, write audit reports and follow-up on nonconformities. In addition to this, the individual conducting audit must have understanding of required management system standards, supplier’s processes, experience of conducting supply chain audits, writing audit report and making recommendations. Our auditors are competent to conduct comprehensive audits of sub-contractors and suppliers across a wide range of disciplines including manufacturing, processing, engineering, project management, logistics, consulting, IT, automotive, aerospace and packaging, etc.

Benefits of Outsourcing Supplier Audits

Get services of competent and experienced certified lead auditors
Allow your employees to focus on their core duties
Eliminate internal auditors hiring, training, re-training and retaining costs

Benefits of Supplier Audits