Compliance Management

Compliance management is one of our core services. This is very critical for every business to meet compliance obligations in order to continue the business and meet the requirements of interested parties especially the requirements of legal authorities (e.g. Federal, Provincial and Municipality, etc.) and Customers.
Scope of the Services
Regulatory Compliance Obligations

Our regulatory compliance obligations are limited to Health, Safety and Environmental Management Systems (ISO 45001 & ISO 14001) only.

Identification of Compliance Obligations
Our compliance specialists work with the representative of our customers to understand their business and identify the applicable Federal, Provincial and Municipality requirements.

Documentation of Compliance Obligations
Our compliance specialists document the applicable requirements to meet the compliance obligations. The compliance register is established and communicated to the customer and its representative.  Compliance obligations are also incorporated into documented information of the organization e.g. Environmental Aspect Register, Health & Safety Risk Assessment, HSE policies and procedures.

Implementation of Compliance Obligations
Our compliance specialists help the customers to implement the compliance obligations. The implementation includes training of compliance obligations to end users and integration of the compliance obligations into documented information of the organization.  

Evaluation of Compliance Obligations
Our compliance specialists evaluate the status of implementation of compliance obligations and prepare a summary of findings. The summary of compliance obligations is handed over to the customer for taking corrective and preventive actions to avoid any legal complications and penalties from relevant authorities. Our compliance specialist also helps the customers in taking appropriate corrective/preventive actions depending on the scope of the consulting services. It is recommended to have compliance audits at least after every 3 years or after changes in compliance obligations or on annual basis to demonstrate due diligence.

Updating Compliance Obligations
We also help our customers to provide an update on change sin applicable compliance obligations as required. We charge a nominal fee on annual basis and help the compliance register of the customer. 

Customer Specific Requirements (CSRs)

Team of our competent auditors helps our customers to meet the customer specific requirements in a diversified industrial sector especially the requirements of OEM (i.e., Ford, GM, FCA, Honda, BMW and Mercedes, etc.). We help our customers to document, implement, maintain and audit the customer specific requirements. Integration of customer specific requirements into documented information (i.e., policies, procedures, processes, work instructions, forms and other documents.). Our consultants are expert in integration of CSRs into documented information of the organization.

The scope our customer specific requirements includes but not limited to:

  • Identification of Customer Specific Requirements
  • Documentation of Customer Specific Requirements
  • Implementation of Customer Specific Requirements
  • Training on Customer Specific Requirements
  • Auditing of Customer Specific Requirements
  • Maintaining Customer Specific Requirements